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Over ten thousand people have joined Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) all over the world and the heat continues to build everyday for the new Amazing Selling Machine 7 program.

“The brand new ASM 7 is unlike anything before,” said Matt Clark, co-founder of Inc & co-creator of this skyrocketing business sensation. “It takes advantage of the most powerful new strategies we’ve discovered that nobody else knows about and lays them out step by step so that anybody can make a profitable business with it.” he said. 

There are good reasons why Amazing Selling Machine is flying off the shelves.

To begin with, the results of hundreds of successful testimonials here in the U.S. are impressive to say the least. Many Amazon sellers taking this ASM course report an astonishing 500% increase in sales. Some users report an incredible $1 million per month in sales!

The popularity of the ASM program is very simple. Matt & Jason really care about the success of their students and connect with them on a deeper level through social media and live events.

“There’s no other program that has the level of proof that Amazing Selling Machine for building and scaling highly successful business leveraging the power of Amazon.” says Jason Katzenback, co-founder of


Many entrepreneurs believe that Matt and Jason have discovered an incredible opportunity to sell on Amazon that can work for anybody. 

ASM doesn’t make you a millionaire overnight. Amazing Selling Machine’s successful students show that you can create residual income year after year. Some even decide to quit their regular job so they can focus on their new business that’s making them more than their previous salary. And there are reports that some who were even on the verge of bankruptcy were able to turn around 180 degrees.

“My house was almost foreclosed on” says Ryan from Arizona. “but ASM has pretty much taken care of my financial problems. What a relief to know that I don’t have to worry about losing my house anymore!”


The private Facebook group of Amazing Selling Machine has thousands of successful results posted about ASM’s amazing journey. The results are almost seem hard to believe. Yet the findings are published on their website for all to see.

The results show you can…

* Quickly find the right products from the start

* Economically source from a reliable wholesaler

* Successfully launch the product using FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon)

And while we all know there is no magic pill for becoming a millionaire, one study did show a remarkable 76% of users making thousands a month.

With results like these, it’s easy to see why thousands of entrepreneurs are trying to get their hands on ASM.


ASM is a six week video and live training course. Peers can connect with each other through the forum and live events. ASM has mentors available who can privately help with your individual questions.

The main benefit of joining ASM is you can significantly shorten the time it takes to become a successful Amazon seller and connect with like-minded peers. Being able to get an answer when you get stuck is another valuable feature of ASM.

Until recently the path to become successful with an Amazon business was virtually non-existent. You could perhaps figure things out yourself, or reach out to the people who were already having success with Amazon. But it was time consuming, expensive, and painfully difficult. A single private session costs up to $5000 for this level of training. And to be effective most people need at least 10 sessions - at $5000 a pop!

There are some alternatives to ASM. But reports from those who tried other less expensive programs show that they didn’t get the experience they were looking for. Many report “You get what you pay for.”

This seems to be another reason why ASM’s release has sparked such a frenzy of sales, at just a fraction of a private session. 


“This is the real deal. I got my grandson, my granddaughter and my niece involved in this.,” says Bob Proctor. “This is where you really make it happen.”

“They’re not just talking, they’re actually providing a step-by-step process to finally become a successful entrepreneur.” says Robert Kiyosaki, the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad.

“The opportunity on Amazon is better than it’s ever been!,” says Jason Fladlien, from Iowa. 

“I am an actual student of ASM and I’m doing incredibly well. I believe in this!” says Anik Singal

“How about this,” says another guru, Ryan Moran, “I went from zero to $200k/month in a year. Now at $300k/month”


This is the official worldwide release of Amazing Selling Machine. And so, the company is giving a 30-day money back guarantee offer to any person who signs up within the next 9 days. (The cart opens on April 19th and closes on April 28th)

A helpful bonus package has been set up to fast track students to succeed even more quickly.